Julie Ann Fineman

"Alec has 'opened the door,' aiding me over the hump of my fear to learn complicated software programs. When Alec came on board to instruct me on how to use Lightroom 3, his style of communication made it easy for me to understand.

Alec can solve a problem within minutes and get you back on track.  I can RELY on Alec, he makes the time to be available to walk me through 'the mechanics' when I have time sensitive projects, a huge relief when you are under pressure.

He is trustworthy and dependable, Alec has become an asset to my business."

About Alec

Alec Laughlin works in the mediums of photography, painting, design, publishing and arts administration. He offers services in photography, production management, art direction, photo re-touching, digitech, and web & graphic design.

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