Center for Integrative Medicine

"I wish you were here in the office to hear us the last 10 minutes going on and on about how beautiful this is. Seriously, your palette is amazing, the design is very thoughtful, and you really embodied all our brand values. I love it. I haven’t had this easy of a reaction to anything in a while."

—Genevieve Gutierrez
Marketing Manager


"I was very impressed with Alec's work on our Environmental Health online interactive learning module for medical schools across the country. Alec's work was sophisticated and professional. His photos were perfect for the project--inviting, clean, creative, and conveyed the material perfectly.

His help was invaluable, and his work ethic and conscientiousness made it a pleasure to work with him.

I highly recommend Alec Laughlin!"

—Julia Jernberg, MD

About Alec

Alec Laughlin works in the mediums of photography, painting, design, publishing and arts administration. He offers services in photography, production management, art direction, photo re-touching, digitech, and web & graphic design.

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