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Lance Thorn

About This

Circumstances in Lance's life should have given him reason to be self-destructive. Instead, because of his integrity and strength as a man, he chooses to shine with dignity. He gives others the space to be human, even when a line may have been crossed. Choosing his battles, he is a champion for forgiveness with tremendous depth of understanding, compassion and empathy. His clarity allows others their voice, understanding that viewpoints are not black and white. He knows it is not his job to change another, and can show up with the armor of sound principle without having to do battle. Lance would never portray himself with such vulnerability and softness in a photograph of himself like this. I am grateful he afforded me the rich opportunity to experience it. I admire him. Follow his lead and build solid ground even when there is an apparent absence of a healthy foundation.

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About Alec

Alec Laughlin works in the mediums of photography, painting, design, publishing and arts administration. He offers services in photography, production management, art direction, photo re-touching, digitech, and web & graphic design.

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