I began taking pictures at an early age. My mother gave me an old camera of hers when I was about ten— a Kodak, the model I do not recall. I don't even remember what kind of film it took. But I can distinctly remember the smell of it. And its case. And the way the film advance wheel crackled when I rolled to the next frame.

Not long after that I graduated to a Kodak disc camera. Likely a Christmas present, my favorite subjects were animals and critters that I saw at the zoo or found in the woods playing by the Potomac in Virginia where I spent much of my childhood.

In high school I started taking photography classes, which I loved. My father gave me a Pentax Asahi A1, 35mm with three lenses, including a zoom and wide-angle. He also gave me a job at his newspaper developing all of the film, printing the photos and shooting page negatives. Digital photography was only in its earliest stages of conception at that time.

I spent countless hours in dark rooms developing images for the newspaper as well as my own snapshots. That camera was amazing. It took a beating as well as really nice photographs.

Though I respect Canon and Nikon, I have remained loyal to Pentax and love shooting with my digital SLR. As images become available, their galleries will be presented in the menu above.