About Alec Laughlin

Alec Laughlin

Alec is an expressionist painter, photographer, designer, publisher and writer with a studio in the historic Citizens Warehouse in the downtown Tucson Warehouse Arts District.

Painting is his primary affection and focus. Richly textured with acrylic and charcoal, the subject almost always being the human face and form, primarily fictitious and conceptual, however including a series of real persons—admired artists and figures of the past. He often sets fire to the larger works, on aged and weathered wood, to enrich texture and manifest a spontaneous blending and subtle alteration of colors by applying the fire multiple times during the course of painting while the medium is still drying.

Alec's photography is primarily black and white, with the human form again being the subject. Though fine art prints are his first interest, he also provides photographic, digital tech and retouching services by assignment. He offers services in graphic and website design with clients who include universities, artists, writers and publishers.

In January of 2013, Alec established the small, independent publishing house, Eponymous Atelier. It specializes in the publishing of fine art books, the first of which about the historic Citizens Warehouse.
In the autumn of 2012 he was elected President of the Warehouse Arts Management Organization (WAMO) and Citizens Artist Collective (CAC). Both are non-profit arts organizations working to support and promote artists and spaces in the downtown Tucson Warehouse Arts District—a cause for which he holds optimistic ambition. He continues to serve as president of CAC, and volunteers on the Fund Development and Communications Committees at WAMO.